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Christian Lemmerz – Disegno

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Christian Lemmerz – Disegno

Disegno, the Italian word for drawing, is an ambitious and sensuous book on Danish artist Christian Lemmerz and his artistic endeavour. It contains 199 illustrations including selected drawings by Lemmerz and photographs of his private sketchbooks. The text is based on a number of conversations between Lemmerz, Therese Maria Gram, and art historian Marie Nipper.

The publication is supported by:
Danish Arts Foundation, The New Carlsberg Foundation, the Beckett Foundation, A. P. Møller Foundation, Lilian and Dan Finks Foundation, and C.A.C. Foundation.

To be released on May 2nd 2019.

Christian Lemmerz – Disegno
Text in Danish and English
Richly illustrated
304 pages

Christian Lemmerz – Disegno
Tekst på dansk og engelsk
304 sider